Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tools keep getting better

Such a treasure of riches in DNA world! Not a month goes by, it seems, that we aren't treated to new and wonderful ways to discover, organize, analyze and use our DNA matches to enhance and extend our genealogy.

If you haven't discovered DNAPainter yet, or if you are already addicted, Jonny Perl has now made it even better. Still free, there is now a subscription option for advanced function. See the announcement. That seems to be a growing trend. Rootsfinder, another free excellent tree-building program, provides a subscription offering that includes some mind-blowing DNA features. If you haven't tried it yet, you're in for a treat -- and you can use the DNA features through October for free. An upgrade is expected then that promises to make this a must-have program. Get started now.

If you haven't transferred your raw data from wherever you tested to MyHeritage yet, you have until December 1 to transfer for free. After that, new transfers will cost you. They have some very good features, and it's well worthwhile to do so. Of course, remember, I'm a fan of playing in all the data pools. You never know where that cousin match you need to unlock a stubborn link has tested.

Still another deadline looms, this one for LivingDNA. This company promises to unveil very soon a revolutionary approach to matching. Be sure to get in on the ground floor, either via a free transfer or a new test.

Finally, don't forget the added value of testing with Family Tree DNA. It's the only company that offers the full spectrum of DNA testing. (The Y-DNA and mtDNA test results you get from other companies are just the tip of the iceburg.) It too has some innovative features.

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