Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Does your genealogy need a boost?

(This is excerpted from the DNA section of my website.)

As the popularity of DNA testing grows, more programs, apps, and creative ways to use our results are being developed. It's hard to keep up, but here are a few that I either have used sucessfully or use today as essential tools:
  • DNAPainter
  • Rootsfinder
  • DNAGedcom
  • Genome Mate Pro
Chrome Extensions include (1)MedBetterDNA that allows you to see your Notes on your Match pages at Ancestry and even sort paternal vs. maternal if you flag them and (2)Pedigree Thief that lets you convert a public Ancestry tree to Ahnentafel format. Facebook and Google Groups can be extremely useful. Some of my favorites at Facebook areGenetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques,  All Genetic Genealogy, DNAAdoption (not just for adoptees), and others. Don't overlook user groups for DNAPainter, Gedmatch, RootsFinder, etc. Family organizations, Rootsweb mailing lists, and surname groups everywhere can be incredibly useful, as always.

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