Thursday, February 16, 2017

Good news for all atDNA testers

Family Tree DNA is now offering the ability to transfer (actually copy) your DNA results from Ancestry or 23andMe to Family Finder, regardless of when you tested and on which version. And the transfer cost is only $19.00. This is really good news for all of us because we no doubt have matches at all three companies, but testing at all three can be cost prohibitive. Of course, everyone should also upload their test results from any ofthe three companies to That is free. Both FTDNA and Gedmatch offer tools that Ancestry and 23andMe do not.

Another good reason to do this is that you can join projects at FTDNA and get discounted prices for Y-DNA and mtDNA tests if you ever want to do that. Notice that you will still have to provide a DNA sample for those other tests, since the Transfer only provides raw data, not the actual DNA.

See the following blog for more information and instructions:  Autosomal Transfers

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