Saturday, December 3, 2016

A very important discovery!

I learned an important lesson this morning and have to share.

Many of us have had atDNA tests at one or more of the Big Three companies and dutifully uploaded the results of one or more to Following up on advice to have only one active (public) test and either delete or inactivate (mark as Research) any others, I ran the Diagnostic tool at Gedmatch to see which test yields more matches. Lo and behold, my FTDNA test has almost 20,000 more matches than my Ancestry test. (I did not check 23andMe results.)

The very clear result is that everyone should have the Family Finder test at, regardless of whether they have tested elsewhere, then upload its results to Gedmatch. Test, do not just transfer. I will no longer use the Ancestry test at Gedmatch for analysis and reports. My test of choice is Family Finder.

The holiday sale prices are in effect now until December 31: Family Finder $59.00.

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