Thursday, November 3, 2016

Making your DNA work for you

Are you getting the most out of your DNA test results? If you're really serious about using DNA to further your genealogy, you really need to spread it around. It isn't enough to test with one company; different people test with different companies and serious genetic genealogists test with all three major companies:, and Then they upload the results from one of those three tests to to properly analyze matching kits. They also upload to and and tag all tested relatives in your family trees at and

Of course you also want to test as many relatives as you can to build a genetic tree that mirrors your traditional tree. Continue to work to build your tree up and out, to include not only names and dates but also places and all your ancestors, including their children and their spouses in each generation. Remember, it's a continuous process as more and more people test and you find new surprise cousins from across your pedigree.

For a quick overview, see my DNA writeup on my own website.

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