Friday, November 25, 2016

Best family Christmas present ever

Do you still have family members who have not yet had a DNA test? Certainly the oldest should be tested first. Prices have never been better than right now. Bring into the fold great aunts, uncles, grandparents, and more. Here is a link to see what's available: Your Genetic Genealogist.

There are essentially three companies that serve the genealogy community: Family Tree DNA, Ancestry and 23andMe. The first is full service; that is, they offer all the appropriate tests that are available to help us learn about our family history. Order its Family Finder test for everyone to find cousins across your entire pedigree. Their Y-DNA test is for males only, strictly for the paternal line -- father to his father to his father, etc. Their mtDNA test is for everyone but applies only to the strict maternal line -- mother to her mother to her mother, etc. You can always upgrade or add on.

Ancestry and 23andMe offer just one test, which is equivalent to Family Finder.

For a basic overview, see my website. Don't miss out on these wonderful prices.

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