Sunday, November 27, 2016

Would you like your own genealogy website?

Good news! John Cardinal, brilliant developer and owner of Second Site, an amazing program limited to users of the now defunct The Master Genealogist, now brings to genealogists everywhere a similar program that accepts GEDCOM input.

This means you have a broad and growing array of features that enable you to maintain your entire genealogy database (or at least as much of it as GEDCOM supports plus some added functionality) on your own website. You can read about it and purchase and download it here:

I have enjoyed Second Site since its inception and couldn't be more satisfied with its flexibility, capability and elegant design, as well as John's asmazing support. Here is my website, built using Second Site. This new program, Gedsite, promises similar capacity with lots of design options. Doris's Genealogy.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Best family Christmas present ever

Do you still have family members who have not yet had a DNA test? Certainly the oldest should be tested first. Prices have never been better than right now. Bring into the fold great aunts, uncles, grandparents, and more. Here is a link to see what's available: Your Genetic Genealogist.

There are essentially three companies that serve the genealogy community: Family Tree DNA, Ancestry and 23andMe. The first is full service; that is, they offer all the appropriate tests that are available to help us learn about our family history. Order its Family Finder test for everyone to find cousins across your entire pedigree. Their Y-DNA test is for males only, strictly for the paternal line -- father to his father to his father, etc. Their mtDNA test is for everyone but applies only to the strict maternal line -- mother to her mother to her mother, etc. You can always upgrade or add on.

Ancestry and 23andMe offer just one test, which is equivalent to Family Finder.

For a basic overview, see my website. Don't miss out on these wonderful prices.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Have you joined yet? Exciting offer!

The following appeared on Facebook:

We are excited to announce that we will be giving away Whole-Genome sequencing services to some of our users!
Our goal is to reach 40,000 users by Christmas Day. If we can meet that goal as a community, we will be giving two of our users a fully sequenced genome as a holiday gift.
But, it wouldn’t be in true DNA.Land style if we didn’t shoot for the moon!
We have set a number of exciting stretch goals.
If we reach 45,000 users by Christmas Day, we will give five of our users a fully sequenced genome as a holiday gift.
If we reach 50,000 users by Christmas Day, we will give ten of our users a fully sequenced genome as a holiday gift.
And, if we reach 100,000 users by Christmas Day, we will give whopping fifty of our users a fully sequenced genome as a holiday gift.
It has been because of the generosity of our users that DNA.Land has been such a success.
And, we look forward to continuing our service to the scientific community for many years to come!
Thank you.
More on us:
DNA.Land is a free not-for-profit website to crowd source genetic data by Columbia University and the New York Genome Center. If you were tested with either 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, or AncestryDNA you can participate and learn more about your genome. Participation is simple and setting an account only takes a few mintues.

Posted by: Larry Vick <>

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New surprise sale at FTDNA

Check out the sale prices. They're good!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Making your DNA work for you

Are you getting the most out of your DNA test results? If you're really serious about using DNA to further your genealogy, you really need to spread it around. It isn't enough to test with one company; different people test with different companies and serious genetic genealogists test with all three major companies:, and Then they upload the results from one of those three tests to to properly analyze matching kits. They also upload to and and tag all tested relatives in your family trees at and

Of course you also want to test as many relatives as you can to build a genetic tree that mirrors your traditional tree. Continue to work to build your tree up and out, to include not only names and dates but also places and all your ancestors, including their children and their spouses in each generation. Remember, it's a continuous process as more and more people test and you find new surprise cousins from across your pedigree.

For a quick overview, see my DNA writeup on my own website.