Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Learning about Geetic Genealogy

Some of us "early timers" to genetic genealogy, a phrase that didn't even exist in those days (almost 15 years ago now), took our baby steps with this wonderful offering from the venerable Sorenson Molecular Genetic Foundation (SMGF).

As some of you will remember, SMGF was the brainchild of a single man who used a good portion of his wealth to introduce genetics to the world for popular application in genealogy. He financed the testing of thousands of people for the entry level Y-DNA and mtDNA tests that were first available and the creation of an amazing database that was a priceless resource for genealogy. Unfortunately, at his death, his family shut down the research facility, the foundation and everything that went with it. Ancestry.com eventually acquired its holdings but then later destroyed them.

But now it looks like they may be bringing it back from the dead? See http://dna.ancestry.com/smgf. What can it mean?