Friday, July 31, 2015

DNA results -- Cool new tool

Fur a fun, and interesting, way to view your match results in Family Finder from Family Tree DNA, go to and follow the quick and easy instructions. Wait for the graph or circle to populate and see whom you match in a colorful and graphic new way. (You may find a magnifying glass useful.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning this. I love the Circle format. It illustrated some things that are specific to me as well as some that are general that I can show others. For example - how matches grow over time; how many of my distant matches on small segments are in one particular grouping, so are probably IBS due to similar deep history; how most of my matches are at 5th to remote.
Chris Schuetz

Doris Wheeler said...

Thank you, Chris. I'm glad you find it helpful... and I appreciate your insight. I hadn't thought of the IBS angle.