Monday, June 29, 2015

Genealogy TV

"Who do You Think You Are?" returns to TLC TV on July 26 in the USA.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day sale at FTDNA

Family Finder test $89. But there are other options:

"Here are two FTDNA coupon codes to use BEFORE midnight Houston (Central) time 21 June. To use one or other, after you get to the order page (by signing into your personal FTDNA myPage and then clicking on UPGRADE in your top right hand corner). But in ADDITION to these coupons, there is also a Family Finder (FF) sale price of $89.00... 

In order to use a coupon code in conjunction with this FF sale, you will need to add another test to achieve the threshold. These codes are said to be good for ANY order, so please tell your friends and relatives to join a surname project and order. 

It is suggested that you "play" with the coupon codes to achieve a price that works for you:- 
jam30 enables a US$30.00 reduction - I suspect the threshold is US$149 
jam15p enables a 15% discount on any order - the threshold is US$98.00 
Example, if you have been considering, say the BigY, then use jam15p and reduce the cost from $575 to $488.75."

Friday, June 5, 2015

Sale at FTDNA!

This weekend only, for the duration of the SCGS Genealogical Conference in California.

Y-37 $139 
Y-67 $238 
FMS $169 
FF $89 
15% off of upgrades