Monday, February 9, 2015

Presidents -- A Fun Finding

Just in case my postings here give you the idea that I have forsaken traditional genealogy in favor of genetic testing, I thought I'd share the fruits of a couple hours work over the weekend. Thanks to Wikitree's Relationship feature, I discovered that I am related to every president of the United States except four -- McKinley, Truman, Kennedy and Reagan. The closest is Ulysses S. Grant at 4th cousin 6 times removed; the most distant is Andrew Johnson at 21st 2 times removed. The most recent common ancestor was Joseph Hatch (1654-1737) and the most remote was Guy Brienne (1110-1159). See the results here:

It was a fun exercise, and there is a DNA tie-in: Joseph Hatch appears repeatedly among triangulated matches, as do several other of the ancestors I have in common with these men. is free, by the way. Try it for yourself. (I'm just a happy user and have no ties to the company.)


Lauren said...

Wow! That is some great information. Thanks for sharing!

Doris Wheeler said...

Yes, I was pleased, Lauren. Normally, I would not capture information like this from the web, but the presidents are very well researched and if their lineages align with mine, I feel quite comfortable accepting them.