Monday, February 16, 2015

What's new in the world of genealogy and DNA?

The pace of innovative change in  genealogy and especially genetic genealogy is becoming almost overwhelming. Two major conferences were held last week concurrently and in the same venue in Salt Lake City, Utah, home of the LDS church, the largest genealogical library in the world, and Announcements flew as all the major companies and many start-ups vied for attention.

For a taste of especially important things to come in the next days and weeks, see

Monday, February 9, 2015

Presidents -- A Fun Finding

Just in case my postings here give you the idea that I have forsaken traditional genealogy in favor of genetic testing, I thought I'd share the fruits of a couple hours work over the weekend. Thanks to Wikitree's Relationship feature, I discovered that I am related to every president of the United States except four -- McKinley, Truman, Kennedy and Reagan. The closest is Ulysses S. Grant at 4th cousin 6 times removed; the most distant is Andrew Johnson at 21st 2 times removed. The most recent common ancestor was Joseph Hatch (1654-1737) and the most remote was Guy Brienne (1110-1159). See the results here:

It was a fun exercise, and there is a DNA tie-in: Joseph Hatch appears repeatedly among triangulated matches, as do several other of the ancestors I have in common with these men. is free, by the way. Try it for yourself. (I'm just a happy user and have no ties to the company.)

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Must Read

At the top of my list of "must reading" this month is:

The Legal Genealogist blog

 It is a snapshot of everything you need to know about DNA testing -- at least to get started.