Saturday, October 18, 2014

Free transfers of DNA

If you have tested at Ancestry or at 23andMe (v. 3 only), you may now transfer your results to Family Tree DNA for free. You will be able to view the top twenty matches at FTDNA and, to unlock the rest of your matches and begin communicating with them, the cost is only $39.

As you probably know, Family Tree DNA is the leader in genetic genealogy and continues to offer and expand the advanced tools required to triangulate and thereby prove a lineage. For more information, visit this blog.


Petra Jennai said...

Cool! Is the transfer done as an export from 23 & Me or as an import from FTDNA?

Doris Wheeler said...

First you have to determine when you purchased your 23andMe test. If it was before mid-November 2013, you're OK. After that date, they adopted a new testing platform which is not transferable to FTDNA. So, assuming your test is from the right version, you go to and order a Transfer. Then you log into your 23andMe account and download your raw results to your own computer. Then log back into your new account at FTDNA and there should be a message telling you to upload. Click on that to upload the 23andMe results from your computer.

If your 23andMe raw data is from a more recent test, you can still download your raw data and upload it to

If you need help, let me know.