Saturday, June 21, 2014

Understanding genetic genealogy

We all have questions:  Why should I care about DNA testing? How do I choose the right tests? What can I learn? What are the limitations and pitfalls? How do I interpret the results? How do I apply them to my own genealogy?... and more.  The information is out there in blogs, tutorials, books. FamilyTreeDNA itself  has a wonderful library of videos, FAQs, reports, etc. ISOGG has a wealth of information, including a wiki. Many of the bloggers I list as suggested links on this page have done and continue to do a wonderful job explaining the intricacies of DNA testing. Now Blaine Bettinger has launched the first how-to multimedia guide for genetic genealogy.

Spend the summer learning more about how you can advance your own genealogy through DNA testing. Happy ancestor tree climbing!

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