Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Genealogists VOTE!

The Legal Genealogist has an important blog today about the new genealogical Declaration of Rights, which we are all invited to sign electronically. I have done so, and I hope everyone will join me and the thousands who have already signed.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New MyOrigins at FTDNA

In conjunction with the Family Finder test, Family Tree DNA has offered "Population Finder," a tool that analyzes where our ancestors lived many hundreds, even thousands, of years ago. Renamed MyOrigins, this tool has been updated to reflect findings from more databases and many more testers from around the world.

Anyone who has had the Family Finder test can now see an expanded view of his or her likely origins dating to about one thousand years ago. My own genealogy points to western Europe almost exclusively, especially Germany, the Netherlands, France, England and Switzerland with an unproven link to Spain,most dating back 400 years or more. The surprise in the following heat map is that I have so much Norwegian and Eastern European DNA:

It appears my ancestors moved about quite a lot. Have you found any surprises in your own MyOrigins results?

For an excellent description of the new MyOrigins features and how to use them, see