Saturday, April 26, 2014

The New Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree

A major update has been announced at Family Tree DNA, in conjunction with National Geographic. There are significant changes, and more will be coming later this year as more information comes in using advanced test results. For those with an interest in their deep roots, the paths our ancestors traveled out of Africa and on to populate the world, this is an exciting event. Everyone who has had a Y-DNA test also receives a haplogroup assignment. All should join their respective haplogroup project to follow the progress being made as more tests are devised. These haplogroup project leaders are volunteers who are expert in their specific haplogroup and are happy to offer advice and counsel regarding which tests an individual should take based upon his testing history.

Just as surname project leaders help members with individual testing strategies for genealogical purposes, these haplogroup project leaders help with strategies to learn ever more about our origins beyond the adoption of surnames.

This blog has an excellent overview of the new Y-tree:

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