Friday, August 9, 2013

Parent of FTDNA Becomes World's Leading Genetic Testing Company

Gene By Gene, the parent company of FTDNA, has acquired Arpeggi, a GE-backed startup company specializing in genome sequencing, computational analysis and data management. For more information, visit

As you may know, Gene By Gene was started in 2000 concurrently with Family Tree DNA to form the first consumer-based DNA testing company for genealogy applications. It now has three other divisions. The following is from the Gene By Gene press release:

 "The acquisition of Arpeggi's technology and world­-class team of data and technology experts will enable us to accelerate Gene by Gene's plan to make next­-generation DNA sequencing and clinical genomics accessible and affordable to all," said Max Blankfeld, Managing Partner of Gene by Gene. "We are on a mission to transform healthcare by dramatically speeding up the process, and reducing the costs, of genetic tests, which today are often far too expensive for the average consumer."