Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is your DNA your Own?

I certainly think it is, and I have every right to buy a DNA test wherever and whenever I choose. The benefits to me have been extraordinary. I have leaerned that I have a high tolerance for some drugs and a low tolerance for others, and I have shared this information with my doctors. I have learned that I have a propensity for breast cancer and had my children and grandchildren tested. (Indeed, I have had breast cancer -- twice.)  I have the assurance that my chance of getting Alzheimer's is extremely low. And more discoveries, based upon growing participation by others, provide us with ever-increasing knowledge.

As for genealogy, I have been able to prove beyond doubt that some of my lines are what I thought they were even though there are gaps in the traditional genealogy. Other lines remain unproven until some distant cousin decides to have a Y-DNA or autosomal test. But what if that cousin lives in New York or Maryland?

These paternalistic states are limiting access to our own DNA and what it can tell us. Read Judy Russell's blog to learn more. She is a highly respected lawyer who is deeply interested in this matter.

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