Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How FTDNA has Grown

Some of you may know that the parent company of FTDNA is Gene by Gene. Today, after a reorganization in September, Gene by Gene has four divisions: Family Tree DNA for genealogy and ancestry tests, DNA Traits for diagnostic tests, DNADTC for scientific research, and  DNA Findings for paternity tests. The company's website is

DNADTC is especially remarkable because it is offering, for the first time to the general public, the Full Genome Sequence test ($5,495) and the Exome test ($695). The human genome was first fully sequenced in 2003 at a cost of $3 billion. The exome consists of your 20,000 genes.

As a long-time customer and advocate, I am very pleased to see how strongly positioned this company is for continued growth. Its leadership in the field of genetic genealogy is unrivaled.

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