Friday, June 25, 2010

FDA and DNA testing

The next time you log into your 23andMe account, you will be asked to sign a new Consent Form. Direct-to-consumer DNA testing companies are under the gun right now as the FDA is considering new regulations. We're fighting back for one major reason; i.e., because we believe everyone has a right to know as much as they want to learn about their own bodies. We know that ordinary consumers like us are making a huge contribution to medical and scientific research because we are providing, for the first time, the sheer volume of data that could never be obtained before for studies like these.

The focus right now is on 23andMe and other companies that are dealing with personal health. It does not seem to be on genetic genealogy companies, but we must all be aware that they are a potential target. Does anyone want to involve their personal physicians in their genealogical studies?!

For more information about what is happening, check the 23andMe blog, especially

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