Tuesday, October 27, 2009

23andMe Relative Finder Update

If you have tested with 23andMe, please follow these instructions to take advantage of their new Relative Finder feature. Received today from 23andMe:

Relative Finder is now in open beta. For the beta period, the number of relatives is limited to 1000, and you can only contact other people who have opted in for the beta test. Spread the word!

Here are instructions.

1. Open the page https://www.23andme.com/user/profile/ and check the checkbox near "Name:" and click on the blue "Save Changes" button.

2. Open the page https://www.23andme.com/user/edit/privacy/ and UNcheck the checkbox near "I do not want to receive sharing invitations from anyone."

3. Open the page https://www.23andme.com/you/relfinder/ and check the checkbox near "Highlight my profile in Relative Finder to show that I'm interested in making connections with potential relatives."

I suggest expanding your profile to include information that will help others decide about the probability of a connection. Profiles are also searchable by keyword, so if you have any special interests (regional/ethnic/whatever), include those in your profile. Then when you send an invitation to someone who's listed at Relative Finder, you can include a link to your profile.

I will be adding my pedigree to my profile (which you can reach by typing my name or email address into the Search Box)in hopes of finding matches.

Friday, October 23, 2009

23andMe Results

For those who tested with 23andMe in the recent special Beta offer, I am publishing here instructions that were provided by an expert in order to take full advantage of the new Relative Finder feature:

In case you didn't notice, with the new Relative Finder at 23andMe, you
will only have 4th cousins and those further distant showing initially. In
order to enable "close family" matches, which are parents through third
cousins, you need to scroll way down the "close family" column and 3 or 4
screens down you'll see a link to "enable close family matches", or similar
verbiage. You have to click on that to enable matches in the first column.

Also, if you're not set to being searchable, you won't be able to be found
by others. Here's what I posted on my lists tonight in terms of

For those of you who decided to participate in the 23andMe Relative Finder
beta project, the results are beginning to come in and the sharing is
beginning. I received this information this evening from Chia at 23andMe
about how to use the new Relative Finder product. Remember, this is still a
beta product and not every feature is working yet, nor are all of the
features that will be available there yet.

After your results are back, you will need to log on and enable sharing by
doing the following:

1. To make yourself searchable so that others can find you, you MUST go
into your account (on the left hand toolbar) under "my profile" and click
the first box beside "name" to make your name and/or e-mail address
shareable. Otherwise, no one will be able to find you to compare results.
I also suggest selecting a nickname. Please note that the nickname is
permanent and cannot be changed. After you select a nickname, be sure the
name box is still checked for searchability.

After you do this, then follow these instructions to join the Relative
Finder beta.
1) Log in to your account and go to www.23andme.com/you/relfinder/ (just
click on this link and it takes you to the logon page).

2) Check the box to Highlight your profile in Relative Finder and join the
Public Beta.

3) Once you've joined, you will see all of your potential relatives, but you
can only contact other relatives who are in the Beta. You will notice them
because they have a blue 'make contact' button and a 'talk bubble' icon in
their profile.

4) If you don't have any relatives in the Beta, please be patient -more
customers are joining the Beta every day.

So, the bottom line to this is that we all need to join and make ourselves
searchable and sharable and enable the Relative Finder function so that
people can find us and share. I have a 4th cousin who has not enabled
sharing and it's killing me wondering who this is.


Unfortunately, there are no "projects" like we think of them with Family
Tree DNA, so there is no "group" of us to join. They are still working on
this concept and it seems to be foreign to them at this point. So we're
just going to have to invite each other to share.

You can share with others by clicking on "manage sharing" and then invite
someone to share with you. You need to know their e-mail or name and they
need to have made themselves sharable as well.

For those who click on the Relative Finder link, you will see that there are
matches beginning in the "4th cousin" column. You will NOT have any showing
in the "Close Family" column. That's because the default for this column is
"do not show". To enable "close family" matches, which means parents
through third cousins, you must scroll down until you see in that column a
link that says something like "enable close family matches". Click on it.
It warns you that you might find family you didn't know existed, click
"agree" or whatever the verbiage is and then, if others also enable close
family matches, you'll be able to see them.

Roberta Estes