Wednesday, July 8, 2009

About my genealogy

Our Dutch, English and German ancestors settled in New England and New York in the 17th and 18th centuries.

My role as family genealogist has led me to a new love for history and an appreciation for the courage of our ancestors. We are their legacy. I hope you will find items of interest as you explore my blog and all the links I have supplied.

Genetic genealogy works hand in hand with traditional genealogy. I am using it to confirm and/or disprove existing paper trails and uncovering exciting family links as a result.

I hope you will share with me any discoveries you may make through the work I have done. I love to hear your success stories!

Contact me anytime with questions, comments, suggestions, etc.


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CapnDad said...

A good post, Doris. Seems that the older I get the more frustrated I am with people who consider stupidity a virtue.

Although I have not begun genealogical genetic testing due to financial reasons, it is obviously a tremendously valuable tool for research. My paternal grandfather denied fathering my father, although the relationship was undeniable to anyone with eyes. Both are now dead, and genetic testing is the only way to confirm the truth.

Thank you.